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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We help you drive business results by improving the quality of hires, minimizing time-to-fill through proactive sourcing, and accessing diverse talent pools.

Why should you partner with HLC for RPO?

  • To allow your HR staff and hiring managers focus on their core capabilities.
  • To maximize sourcing efficiency by focusing on human interactions
  • To broaden your reach, by driving engagement through sourcing technology tools to headhunt the most promising candidates.


Headhunting for profesional and executive level

Hourly recruitment (customer service, labourers, production operators, trades, etc.)

Whether you are looking for an executive or blue-collar talent, our matchmaking services will find you the best fit.

Why should you partner with HLC for staffing?

  • To focus on the right candidates, and the right candidates only.
  • To develop talent pipelines by skill-set, location, and potential.
  • To drive business results by improving the quality of hires.

Temporary HR

Short-staffed? Looking to start implementing an HR department? Or need extra eyes on your recruiting processes? Our wide range of ready-to-work professionals are ready to step in.

Why should you partner with HLC for Temporary HR solutions?

  • To easily fill your short-term, temporary positions.
  • To reduce the cost and complexity, and risk of hiring talent.
  • To test a potential long-term hire.

International recruiting

We partner with provincial and international government agencies to find candidates with the required education, skillsets and qualifications.

Why should you partner with HLC for international recruiting?

  • To access a larger and more diverse pool of candidates.
  • To broaden your reach on the international market.
  • To benefit from in-house specialized immigration lawyers, ensuring compliance with immigration procedures and legislation.

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Our talent strategies, executed by dedicated and experienced professionals, give our clients a competitive advantage. Maintaining cost-effective long-term relationships with key talent reflects our belief that a firm like ours offers a bespoke approach to clients, with a track record of exceeding expectations.

We also believe that our broad recruiting experience – with executives, professionals, technicians, tradespeople and production employees – has given us a rare insight into workplace trends, making us the best partners to help you drive success.

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"...this international recruiting project is a great example of how innovative thinking in recruiting can make a big difference for our manufacturing operations."

– Chief Administrative Officer and Senior Vice President, Human Resources

"HLC Talent …was a key player in the creation and launch of an offshore Shared Services Center, demonstrating great flexibility and open-mindedness [...] and supported – on an extremely tight schedule."

– Senior Vice President, Human Resources

"Growth was rapid, processes had to be reviewed, and we urgently needed a human resources department. HLC guided us through the major steps along the way, and was especially helpful in managing change."

–Vice President, Buildings

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