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Our talent solutions strategies executed by dedicated & knowledgeable professionals gives our clients a competitive advantage. Maintaining cost-effective long-term relationships with key talent
reflects our belief that a firm like HLC offers a customizable approach to clients with a track record of delivering superior results.

We also believe our broad recruiting experience – with executives, professionals, technicians, tradespeople and production employees – has given us a rare insight into workplace trends that allow us to partner with our clients to drive business results.


Our Solutions

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Is RPO right for your organization?

The benefits of RPO:

  • Drive business results by improving the quality of hires, minimizing time-to-fill through proactive sourcing and accessing diverse talent pools
  • Provides an opportunity to manage by the numbers such as time to fill, candidate flow, interviews, etc.
  • Allows HR staff and hiring managers to focus on their core capabilities
  • Develop talent pipelines by skill-set, location (local and international) or position for current and future hires, all candidate data becomes property of the client
  • Maximize sourcing efficiency by focusing on human interactions vs. tactical candidate identification
  • Broaden potential reach by driving engagement through sourcing technology tools to headhunt the most promising candidates

HLC believes that sourcing makes the most significant contribution to recruiting. The talent has to be right for the job, or the rest of the recruiting process amounts to spending time evaluating people who are not quite right.

Project hiring

The HLC team has significant experience with project hiring (also known as Project RPO), where the goal is solving critical staffing problems quickly.

Project hiring is a great solution when a gap in the workforce is hurting the business, or a new function or product is coming online, or a business is growing fast, or the roles are hard to fill due to the location or required skills.

In the project hiring examples below, our people delivered:

  • Hiring a seven-member contract HR team for a forest products manufacturing site in northern Québec.
  • Hiring six representatives for the new sales department of a Montréal packaging company.
  • Hiring 20 production employees for a northern Québec sawmill faced with surging demand.

Above and beyond meeting your staffing objectives, project hiring offers many other advantages: creating an impact by having all new hires start at once (which was the case in all examples above); fostering teamwork by selecting candidates with complementary skillsets; and building morale by achieving a visible goal that improves the business immediately. 

Executive search

Executive search, also known as headhunting, is the traditional hands-on practice where a dedicated professional seeks out managerial and executive talent for key business roles.

In a word, it is matchmaking.

Our process starts with understanding your industry, company, values and culture. We learn where you have been, where you are now, and where you are headed. Then we work with you to define the required mix of skills, personality and leadership style. This background framework guides everything.
Next, we build a candidate pipeline using our sourcing expertise and technology, contacts, and old-fashioned networking. Then we conduct in-depth first-level interviews and assess suitability.

Diversity recruiting

HLC is committed to helping organizations diversify their workforce. We have invested in exclusive technology which facilitates sourcing diverse talent by minority groups.

How can this help you?

  • Increase female leadership
  • Target end of career professionals to mentor
  • Improve representation on your team with diversity recruiting BIPOC professionals
  • Implement diversity and inclusion (D&I) strategies

International recruiting

Canada has a strong commitment to attracting immigrants (an average of nearly 300,000 per year in the 2016-2020 period)3 and temporary foreign workers. The country’s focus on quality – 50% of recent immigrants working in Canada have a university degree4 – reflects the talent available in international markets.

International recruiting is especially valuable with technical and trade positions, where demand in Canada frequently outstrips supply.

HLC partners with provincial government agencies in Canada and their counterparts in other countries to find candidates with the required education, skillsets and qualifications. We have in-house specialized immigration lawyers who ensure compliance with all required immigration procedures and legislation.

3 - Average based on immigration data from Statist
4 - 2020 Annual Report to Parliament on Immigration (page 8), Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

HR consulting

As a firm led by two career HR professionals from consulting backgrounds, HLC has the scope to add value to clients on a broad range of consulting projects. Our people have successfully completed HR projects in the following areas:

  • Recruitment process standardization
    • Reviewing, improving and aligning procedures and tools
  • Standardization of HR processes
    • Reviewing, improving and aligning procedures and tools
  • HR administration outsourcing
    • Temporary staff replacement (on the client payroll)
  • HR department-building
    • Structuring department, recruiting team, and providing procedures and tools
  • Organizational restructuring management
    • Developing new personnel structure, managing communications, and conducting meetings
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