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Competency-based recruitment: identifying candidates' Essential Assets

The recruitment landscape is rapidly evolving, with the emphasis on candidates' tangible skills and abilities. This revolutionary approach stands out for its effectiveness in targeting talent that brings real added value to a company. 

In this blog, we take an in-depth look at the philosophy behind competency-based recruitment, and the methods we use to identify candidates' essential assets. Get ready to discover how this innovative approach can transform the way you build your team.

Defining Key Competencies for each Position

Before starting the recruitment process, it's essential to identify the crucial skills required for each position. This step enables you to precisely target candidates with the specific assets your company needs.

The Importance of Technical and Transferable Skills

In addition to technical skills specific to each field, transferable skills such as problem-solving, communication and time management are also fundamental. They guarantee the adaptability and versatility that are increasingly in demand in the professional world.

Competency-based assessment methods

Competency-based recruitment relies on specific assessment methods. Discover techniques such as competency tests, case studies and role-playing exercises that enable us to objectively assess candidates' abilities.

The Art of Asking the Right Questions

Competency-based interviews require a meticulous approach to question formulation. Learn to ask open-ended questions that encourage candidates to demonstrate their relevant skills and experience.

Analyzing past achievements

Examining candidates' past achievements offers crucial clues to their skills. Learn how to decipher past achievements to determine whether they match your company's current needs.

Ongoing training and skills development

Competency-based recruitment goes hand in hand with a commitment to continuous training. Find out how to encourage and support skills development within your team.

Assessing Adaptability and Learning Capacity

In a constantly changing business environment, the ability to adapt and learn is crucial. Find out how to assess these vital skills in candidates.

Competency-based recruitment is more than just a trend; it's a strategy for identifying the talent that will add real value to your business. By understanding and implementing these methods, you're better equipped to build a strong, agile team ready to meet the challenges of the ever-changing business world.

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